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A Few Tips for Buying a Used F-150

Purchasing your next Ford F-150 can be difficult because there are so many options and trim levels from which to choose. For example, leather or no leather, rear window or no-rear window, turbo or no turbo? So, finding the right used F-150 in the North Port area can feel overwhelming.

There is no shortage of features in the F-150, and finding a used one can be challenging. Each one is unique, one of a kind, something we pride ourselves on, so finding the right used truck for you takes an equally unique approach.

We're here at Harbor Nissan in Port Charlotte to help simplify the process. Here are a few things to consider when searching for your next pre-owned F-150. Many of our customers around Charlotte Harbor have found them to be a helpful start.


If performance is important to you, then look for the right engine for your Arcadia needs. Sometimes the power of a 5.0L V8 is not needed when a twin-turbo V6 engine delivers a comparable pulling power.

Sometimes, fuel efficiency is worth giving up a little extra torque because the job might require the strongest or even largest on the market. Other times, you don't need all that much power. In other words, consider what is most practical for you in the Lehigh Acres area.


The F-150 comes in three distinct body styles. There is the Crew cab which has four full doors. The Super cab has rear-hinged half doors. Finally, there is the Regular cab which is your standard two-door pickup truck. All of these are perfect for the Cape Coral area.

If you are uncertain of which size to choose, try considering the truck's uses in the future. For example, do you expect to do more, larger Fort Myers jobs in the future that will need more space or crew? If so, you'll want to get the larger cab now to save money later.

Before you purchase your next F-150, be sure to speak with our professional sales staff for expert help finding the perfect set of wheels.