We Buy Cars at Harbor Nissan in Port Charlotte

Are you ready to sell your current vehicle so you can move on to a newer model? If so, please sell your vehicle to us. We want to buy your car. Take your time and learn how you can easily sell us your car today. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out today. We make it simple to sell your car.

If you would like to sell us your car OR trade your car, please complete below and a member of our customer experience team will contact you

Why Sell Us Your Car?

You may be wondering what the benefit is of selling your vehicle to our dealership. That is a common question to ask. We are happy to show you why we are your best option. Other dealerships will not allow you to sell your vehicle without purchasing or leasing another one from them. At Harbor Nissan, however, there is no obligation to do that. You can sell us your car, SUV, or truck and receive a check. Plus, our dedicated sales can handle the details so that you can focus on getting the check you deserve.

How Does the Process Work?

But how does the process work near Charlotte Harbor? Selling your vehicle to us is simple. First, appraise your vehicle online via our Value Your Trade tool. This tool allows you to determine your vehicle's inherent value. Please keep in mind that this tool provides an estimate, and you will likely have another quick appraisal when you bring your vehicle in. Please speak to one of our expert and friendly team members. They love to speak to our amazing customers and help them achieve their goals. Our team can get you started and walk you through how to sell us your car step by step. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

Our VIP Buying Experience

Our VIP Buying Experience is like no other on the market. We provide you with the tools to better purchase the vehicle you want near North Port. First, pick out the vehicle you want to bring Fort Meyers home. Then we ask you to trade in your vehicle for credit. If you have already sold us your vehicle, you can use the check you received towards this new purchase. Test drive your chosen model and see if it is right for you. Afterward, you can complete paperwork in-store or online. Finally, we can deliver your vehicle directly to you. Selling and buying vehicles has never been easier.

You have the Option to Trade in Your Car

As mentioned, please remember that you have the option to buy a new vehicle after you sell us yours. There is no obligation to do so. Yet many drivers decide to purchase a new model later on instead of in the moment. Browse what we have available and see how you finance a new vehicle from us today near Lehigh Acres. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Sell Your Vehicle to Us

Selling your vehicle does not have to be a stressful, uphill battle near Cape Coral. Sell your vehicle to our dealership with ease today. You can count on our dedicated team to make the process seamless and swift. If you have further questions about the selling process, ask one of our expert team members. They are knowledgeable and friendly.

At Harbor Nissan, we make selling and buying your next vehicle simple. Rely on us today. Learn how to begin the process online with ease. Need loans? Talk to us to learn how you can get an auto loan.