As communities in Charlotte Harbor have expanded, it has become much harder to get by without a reliable vehicle. You need one to get back and forth from work and to any social commitments you have made. If something happens to your car, you may worry that your credit score will prevent you from getting a new one. However, at our dealership in Port Charlotte, we can help you get the car that you need. Here are the reasons to shop with us if you lack credit or have poor credit.

We Are Cooperative

In most situations, lenders prefer a loan applicant who has created a history of sensible borrowing and timely payments. But, this should not prevent you from trying to get the new or used vehicle that you need in North Port. Some lenders will assist customers even if they don't have an ideal credit situation. When getting financing through our dealership, we use our relationships with a wide range of funders to get a deal that works well for you. There still could be a higher interest rate involved, but you can use this situation to improve your credit for future purchases in Fort Myers.


You may have been advised that the best way to get a deal on your car is to shop loan approvals from various banks. Yet, you may not have a large amount of time on your hands. If you took the day off from work in Arcadia or asked a friend to shop with you, the decision may need to be settled on that same day. Therefore, financing with our dealership near Cape Coral will make the experience much more convenient. We can offer additional benefits like extended warranties, add-on services, and flexible interest rates. Plus, we handle this service daily, so we have a streamlined process to get you on your way much quicker.

Contact Us to Learn More

Our dealership near Lehigh Acres understands how stressful the car buying process can be. That's why our financing team will guide you through the entire financing process and assist you in getting a payment schedule that will suit your budget. Don't let your lack of credit or poor credit keep you from the car you want. For more information and to speak with a member of our finance team, please call or contact us online today!

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