Meet the Staff


  • Chris Freeland

    Chris Freeland


    Chris is a 3rd generation car dealer. His grandfather  was
    a Studebaker and car salesman in Indiana and his father
    started Harbor Nissan in 1970. In 1993 through hard work
    and dedication, Chris was able to purchase Harbor Nissan
    to build what it is today. He attended Northwood University
     for Automotive Business, and has been involved in the
    business his entire life. Being a true "people person",
    it's hard to find someone in Charlotte County that doesn't know him.
    Chris really enjoys being on the water, fishing, boating and
    spending time with his family.

  • Debbie Clarke

    Debbie Clarke


    Debbie knows the car business inside and out,
    having been in the business all of her life. She is a
    northerner from the Baltimore area and has been
    living in Florida for the past 15 years. 

  • Virginia Byrd

    Virginia Byrd

    Adm Assist.

    Virginia is in charge of marketing and advertising and
    one of the most creative members of the staff.
    She graduated from Western Carolina University where
     she was a member of the Phi Mu sorority and received
    a degree in Professional Selling and Entrepreneurship.
    She got her ardent love of business from playing monopoly
    as a child and still has retained that love today.  She was born
     and raised in Southwest Florida. She loves fishing, and
    boating and spending time with her husband and 3 year old daughter Grace. 

Customer Care

  • Carol Caban

    Carol Caban

    Receptionist Eve New

    A retired design engineer for AT&T, Carol is a part time receptionist.
    She works evenings, so prior to that you might catch her at the
    beach or at the mall enjoying all Florida has to offer.  Carol brings a
    smile and a kind personality to the Harbor Nissan family.

  • Elaine Cowgill

    Elaine Cowgill


    Lainey was born on an airforce base in California where her
    father worked. She has spent most of her career in the hospitality
     industry in California and Florida. She is dedicated to fitness
     as she loves to run, boat, go to the gym, bike, and is a 2nd degree
    black belt. That aside she is a very friendly woman who would be
     gald to help anyone with any problems they have. 

  • Sue Denny

    Sue Denny

    Receptionist New

    The first smile and hello as you enter Harbor Nissan.
    Sue is a very cheerful person who has been with
    Harbor Nissan for over 5 years. Prior to joining the
    Harbor Nissan family, Sue spent 10 years as a preschool
    teacher. She is originally from Phoenix, Arizona and
    loves to spend time with her 9 year old son. 


  • Cody Hansen

    Cody Hansen

    Finance Manager

    A local man who grew up in Englewood, he is an alumni of
     Lemon Bay High school. Cody was in the restaurant business
    for 15 years before he decided to make a change. Sports are
    his thing as he is a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Bucs, Lightning,
    and Rays. You might also find him on the firing range as he's an
     avid sport shooter. He has been married for 17 years and
    has a son that currently attends Lemon Bay.  

  • Jean  Paul

    Jean Paul

    Finance Manager

  • Sonja Worst

    Sonja Worst

    Finance Manager


  • Bryan Anderson

    Bryan Anderson

    New Sales Internet

    Bryan has a huge love of the water. He spends most of his free
    time being on the water fishing or boating and learning about fish.
    He is a graduate of Charlotte High School and loves everything
    about the Port Charlotte area. Go Tarpons! 

  • Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett

    New Car Sales

  • Craig Williams

    Craig Williams

    Used Internet Sales

    (941) 629-1171

    Craig has only recently joined the Harbor Nissan family.
    Before he was a car salesman he worked in the mortgage
     finance industry for over 10 years, which makes him a
    perfect person to assist you in financing your new car. 
    He was born and raised in St. Paul Minnesota but has
     lived all over the United States such as Washington, Georgia,
    Wisconsin, Florida and Texas. He graduated the
     University of Wisconsin Stout and earned his degree in Engineering.
    He is highly principled and honest, as well as physically active,
     he enjoys playing golf, scuba diving, fishing and boating. 

  • Joe Sorenson

    Joe Sorenson

    New Sales

  • Robert Evans

    Robert Evans

    Used Sales Internet

    Robert has spent 12 years in the car business. Moving from sales
    to internet sales, selling cars is what he is really enjoys. He has lived
    in the southwest area of Florida for 5 years but has spent time in
    Nevada and North Carolina.

  • Shea Louis

    Shea Louis

    New Sales


  • Aaron Kennedy

    Aaron Kennedy

    Pre Owned Sales Manager

    Aaron has had a few different careers before entering the
     automobile industry including work as a chef and construction.
    He has also attained the title of pro snowboarder, and two black belts,
     one in judo and one in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. Don’t let that fool you though,
     he has been in car industry for almost 15 years and is very
     knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to his customers.
     During his free time he is a dedicated family man.

  • Christopher McCray

    Christopher McCray


  • CJ Schalch

    CJ Schalch

    BHPH Manager

  • Clay Gladwell

    Clay Gladwell

    Used Car Manager

    One of the two used car managers Clay has been with company
    for over 4 years and over 15 years automotive experience.
    Having his roots here in South Florida, clay really enjoys fishing
    and riding his motorcycle. Clay is also married and has a wonderful 2 year old boy. 

  • Scott Blomquist

    Scott Blomquist

    New Car Salesmanager

    Scott is from Buffalo, NY and graduated from the State University of New York
    with a degree in business. He is a veteran in the auto industry with
    16 years of experience, working in every department at Harbor Nissan.
    He is extremely knowledgeable regarding everything in the industry.
    When not at work Scott loves to spend time with his wife and three kids,
    one of which now attends FSU. 

  • Tim Bush

    Tim Bush

    Used Sales Manager

    Another motorcycle lover, you may see him Ray and Clay
     riding together around town. Tim has a ton of experience with
     the industry as he has been in it for over 30 years with
    experience ranging from sales, finance, and management.
    Tim has also had the honor of serving in our great nations
    military serving in the Vietnam war. He also has a 24 year old
    son that is a force recon marine.  

  • Tom Bishop

    Tom Bishop

    New Internet Sales Manager


  • Christine Mahnke

    Christine Mahnke

    Title Clark

    A person who loves Massachusetts and Florida she has
     moved back and forth several times, ultimately deciding
    to stay in Florida, she has been working Harbor Nissan for
    a total of 5 years. She has always had a strong love for cars,
     as she been in the industry for 14 years. When she isn’t doing
    accounting she spends her time modifying cars and bringing
    them to car shows. 

  • Kim Saran

    Kim Saran


    Kim has much experience in the automobile industry as
    she has been in it for 25 years. She has spent almost 7
    years here and 8 years at a local Ford dealership, all in accounting.
     Kim grew up in New York state. She loves to spend as
     much time with her family as possible.   


  • Bill Smith

    Bill Smith

    Parts Manager

    Before being the Parts Manager at Harbor Nissan, Bill was the
     parts manager at Chrysler for 32 years. He is a family man that
     enjoys golfing and fishing in his free time.

  • Rusty Alderman

    Rusty Alderman

    Parts Counter

    A man who loves his job and been at it for over 25 years. He can’t see
    himself doing anything else. He's the guy you'll see for any parts
    and accessories for your new vehicle.

  • Ty Schulte

    Ty Schulte

    Parts Counter

    A man who is dedicated to his craft, Ty spends most of his
     time working on cars and at his local church. He spends
     7 days a week at the church helping the youths understand religion.
      In his past Ty served in the Navy for several years.
     He has also worked in the restaurant industry, Harley Davidson
     and Ford. He looks to stay here until he retires and continue
     to help those in need at his church. 


  • Chet Grove

    Chet Grove

    Used Sales

    Moving on in his life as a young man from Pennsylvania,
    Chet graduated from the University of Miami with a degree
    in business. He also has the prestigious position of being a
     32nd mason. Chet is one of the most experienced salesmen
    on our team, having been in the automobile industry for almost
     30 years. He is a 3rd generation car dealer, who owned his
    own car lot for 23 years before joining our team. Prior to that
    he spent quite a while as a horse dealer. Whether you're driving
    away or riding away Chet can provide you with all the information you need. 

  • Jason Gorman

    Jason Gorman

    New Sales

    Jason is a graduate from Virginia Tech with his degree
    in Business Administration, he came back to Port Charlotte
    to continue the family tradition of selling cars. Jason enjoys spending
    time on his boat with  his family or snowboarding down
    mountain sides in Colorado. 

  • Lloyd Dennis

    Lloyd Dennis

    New Sales

  • Michael Homer

    Michael Homer

    Pre Owned Sales

  • Michael Wolfe

    Michael Wolfe


    Mike is a Marine, an Eagle Scout and Outward Bound alumni.
    Mike knows what it means to protect the interests of others.
    He comes from a large family. He has been with the Harbor Nissan
     family for almost 3 years and has worked in every department
    at Harbor Nissan. His goal is to make sure every customer
     has full disclosure about the car that they are purchasing
    and make sure they have the best car buying experience possible.

  • Mike Longo

    Mike Longo

    New Sales

    Mike graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree
    in Business Administration. Before coming to Nissan,
    he was in restaurant management for almost 30 years.
    Business has been a big part of his life but he also loves
    being outside fishing and hunting. You will always see him with
     a big smile on his face and a fishing cap on his head. 

  • Paul Kendall

    Paul Kendall

    Used Sales

    One of the busiest men you will see, he is always running around
     trying to help customers. After living in California and Arizona he
     believes he has found a place in Florida that he can call home.
    With over 10 years in car sales, he is sure to help you receive your perfect car.
    In his free time, Paul can be found spending time with his wife, teenage son,
    and his pets. Be sure to ask him about his pet squirrel.

  • Richard Caracciolo

    Richard Caracciolo

    New Sales

  • Tom Glenn

    Tom Glenn

    Used sales

    (941) 629-1171

  • Tom Rusch

    Tom Rusch

    New Car Sales


  • Cameron Byrd

    Cameron Byrd

    Service Manager

    (941) 629-1171

    You may recognize the last name, as it is the same as Virginia’s,
     they are husband and wife. Prior to joining the Harbor Nissan family,
    Cameron served with the Army National Guard. He has a background
    in Mechanical Engineering, and Finance. Cameron has spent his entire
    life in Florida and plans on raising his daughter near the water too. In his
    free time he enjoys boating, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his

  • Maria Carrascal

    Maria Carrascal

    Service Reception

  • Todd Born

    Todd Born

    Recon Manager and Asst. Service Manager

  • Travis Howell

    Travis Howell

    Service Writer

    A graduate of Charlotte High and Florida State with a degree
     in political science . Travis has been with the Harbor Nissan
     family for over 3 years with experience in sales, commercial vehicles,
     and is now one of our most experienced Service Advisors.
    Travis' goal is to ensure that every one of his customers is given
     a world class service experience. A dedicated father and husband
    Travis spends his free time with his wife and children.
    Travis is currently training to audition for Sports Jeopardy, wish him luck.

  • Zac Sitzlar

    Zac Sitzlar

    Service Writer

    An adrenaline junkie and tech wizard he knows almost everything
     about car accessories and car technology. He has been in the
     industry for more than 9 years total with experiences spanning the spectrum.
     Born and raised in North Port, he is a Floridian that likes to fish
     and race anything that is fast.